Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How much money can a Poker Bot make?

Great...this sounds interesting. But, how much money can Poker Bots really make?
The level of your success depends on you and is directly related to the time, effort, and investment you make.
Some members are content to run 1 bot on 1 poker site, to make $25 a week with the Poker Bot, so they can have money to manually play on the weekend.
Some members run multiple Poker Bots, on multiple poker sites, with multiple accounts, and actually make money 24/7 and 365 days a year.
There is a real and definite potential for life changing money here. I’m talking quit your job and retire amounts of money.
Think about that for a moment. Even a novice user can set up "virtual machines" and begin a Poker Bot farm.
If you are smart, and get rakeback on your poker accounts, even with a break even Poker Bot, you can generate thousands of dollars per year soley on RakeBack

Visit the below link for the Shanky Bot and a Youtube Video

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