Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Why is a Poker Bot better than a human?

Well...I already play good poker. How are Poker Bots better?
I'm sure you've read a poker book or watched a video, and they told you poker is a game of human emotion. Play the player. This advice is 100% true.
You are a human being and that by itself makes you susceptible to the 3 biggest problems a poker player can face
1)Temper: At some point you will encounter another player or situation that makes you mad. Whether they bluffed you off a pot, or are trash talking, it can affect your future play.
2)Tilt: Meaning when you get mad enough, you will play with disregard and irrational reasoning. This is how "human players" can and do lose their entire bankroll in one session.
3)Fatigue: When I first started playing online poker, many weekends I would play for 20-30 hours. And eventually after losing thousands of dollars, I spotted a trend. I found that even though
I was winning for the first few hours, my major losses and bad decisions were occurring near the end of my sessions. Fatigue would set in which made me more prone to tilt.
So by using a poker bot, I instantly eliminated 3 HUGE problems, and gained a tremendous advantage over those who do not use  Poker Bots.

Visit the below link for the Shanky Bot and a Youtube Video

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